This game simulates the German effort to capture the key allied port of Antwerp in 1944, Operation Wacht am Rhein.  You play as the Germans, and you must exploit the limited window of opportunity afforded by the bad weather that has grounded Allied aircraft.  You have 10 days, or turns, before the skies clear and the mobility of your panzer units, [o], drops.  You do have the advantage of surprise.  This game assumes that Allied forces will not be able to mount a coordinated response to your attack for the first three days of the game.  You also have Tiger II tanks, and these invincible armored beasts should help you immobilize and overrun allied units.  Finally, this game assumes that Germany is able to successfully carry out Operation Stosser, a planned airdrop behind allied lines.  Good luck.

Published 23 days ago
GenreSimulation, Card Game, Strategy
Made withPhaser
Tagsccg, Hex Based, tcg, wwii

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