Rome fell to the Allies in June of 1944, but the Germans fell back to a defensive line running across the Italian Peninsula just north of Florence.  An impressive line of fortifications blocked the Allies’ path to Italy’s industrial heartland of the Po river valley.  This was a potential problem for the Western Allies, as the Soviet Union might invade Italy from the North and occupy one of the most economically important regions of Europe.  This video game lets you simulate the Allied effort to break through the Gothic line and invade Northern Italy in late 1944.  The game begins in July of 1944, and lasts until October of 1944.  You need to reach the border with Austria to preempt a Soviet Invasion from the East before winter weather sets in, making any kind of offensive impossible.  Anti-fascist partisans are fighting Germany’s Italian puppet government, and these guerrilla fighters might be able to help subvert German defenses from behind enemy lines.

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