This collectable card game lets you simulate humanity’s struggle to stop catastrophic global warming. You have to get Earth’s net carbon output to zero before total atmospheric carbon levels reach a point at which human life becomes unsustainable anywhere on the planet. We have the technology to do this today. The real challenge is getting the nations of the world to implement sound policies in a timely fashion. The key to this game is maintaining the support of as much of the world as possible to gain access to the resources you need to build wind farms, plant forests, etc. If you lose a region’s support, you lose access to that region’s resources. Loss of support could result from a lack of political will, or it could be tied to climate related factors like storm damage, flooding, epidemics and civil wars. To win, you need to be a skilled politician and an adroit manager of resources.

Made withPhaser
Tags2D, global-warming, Turn-based
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

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